boulangerie [boo-lanzhuh-ree] Examples noun, plural bou·lan·ge·ries [boo-lanzhuh-ree] /bu lɛ̃ʒəˈri/. French.

  1. a bakery that specializes in baking and selling bread.

Examples from the Web for boulangerie Historical Examples of boulangerie

  • I gathered up an assortment, then went into a boulangerie for bread.

    The Car That Went Abroad

    Albert Bigelow Paine

  • You go to a boulangerie and buy a crisp, newly baked loaf for a penny.

    A Spring Walk in Provence

    Archibald Marshall

  • At last this man, whose name was Jean Leroux, told me he had obtained employment for both Pierre and me in a boulangerie.

    Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, Vol. II, No. X., March 1851


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