bourgeoise [boo r-zhwahz, boo r-zhwahz; French boor-zhwaz] ExamplesWord Origin noun, plural bour·geois·es [boo r-zhwah-ziz, boo r-zhwah-ziz; French boor-zhwaz] /ˈbʊər ʒwɑ zɪz, bʊərˈʒwɑ zɪz; French burˈʒwaz/.

  1. a female member of the bourgeoisie.
  2. bourgeoisie(def 1).

Origin of bourgeoise 1755–65; French; feminine of bourgeois1 Examples from the Web for bourgeoise Historical Examples of bourgeoise

  • As a bourgeoise you would, of course, do only what is usual.

    The Adventures of Maya the Bee

    Waldemar Bonsels

  • I am bourgeoise, I am bonne femme—that is what you really mean, Jim.

    Scarlet and Hyssop

    E. F. Benson

  • She came up to him, not with a bourgeoise’s enquiry, “How do I look?”

    The Duchesse de Langeais

    Honore de Balzac

  • “You’ve got a bourgeoise mind, Loring,” said O’Rane reflectively.

    Sonia Between two Worlds

    Stephen McKenna

  • There was the beginning of bourgeoise acquisitiveness and pride of ownership in her, after all.


    Frank Swinnerton

  • Word Origin and History for bourgeoise adj.

    proper French fem. of bourgeois (q.v.).

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