brachiate [adjective brey-kee-it, -eyt, brak-ee-; verb brey-kee-eyt, brak-ee-] ExamplesWord Origin adjective

  1. Botany. having widely spreading branches in alternate pairs.
  2. Zoology. having arms.

verb (used without object), bra·chi·at·ed, bra·chi·at·ing.

  1. to progress by means of brachiation.

Origin of brachiate First recorded in 1825–35, brachiate is from the Latin word brāchiātus with branches like arms. See brachi-, -ate1 Examples from the Web for brachiate Historical Examples of brachiate

  • Brachiate, with opposite branches at right angles to each other.

    The Elements of Botany

    Asa Gray

  • British Dictionary definitions for brachiate brachiate adjective (ˈbreɪkɪɪt, -ˌeɪt, ˈbræk-)

    1. botany having widely divergent paired branches

    verb (ˈbreɪkɪˌeɪt, ˈbræk-)

    1. (intr) (of some arboreal apes and monkeys) to swing by the arms from one hold to the next

    Derived Formsbrachiation, nounWord Origin for brachiate C19: from Latin bracchiātus with armlike branches

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