braciola [brah-chee-oh-luh, brah-choh-; Italian brah-chaw-lah] ExamplesWord Origin noun, plural bra·ci·o·las, bra·ci·o·le [brah-chee-oh-ley, brah-choh-; Italian brah-chaw-le] /ˌbrɑ tʃiˈoʊ leɪ, brɑˈtʃoʊ-; Italian brɑˈtʃɔ lɛ/. Italian Cookery.

  1. a flat piece of veal or beef rolled around a filling and baked in stock and wine.

Origin of braciola 1940–45; Italian: slice of meat roasted over coals, equivalent to brac(e) hot coal, ember (earlier bracia, bragia Germanic; see braise) + -iola noun suffix Examples from the Web for braciola Contemporary Examples of braciola

  • Example: “Meanwhile, Gia was starting to wonder if he even had a braciola… Johnny Hulk of the Ken-doll crotch?”

    Snooki Dictionary for Her Book, A Shore Thing

    Jaimie Etkin

    January 4, 2011

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