Bragg [brag] Examples noun

  1. Brax·ton [brak-stuh n] /ˈbræk stən/, 1817–76, Confederate general in the U.S. Civil War.
  2. Sir William Henry,1862–1942, and his son, Sir William Lawrence, 1890–1971, English physicists: Nobel Prize winners 1915.

Examples from the Web for bragg Historical Examples of bragg

  • He was sure that Victor was now with Bragg and they might meet face to face again.

    The Rock of Chickamauga

    Joseph A. Altsheler

  • Bragg remains, but part of his garrison goes to Beauregard, in Virginia.

    Four Years in Rebel Capitals

    T. C. DeLeon

  • Bragg has left Kentucky, and is thought to be hastening toward Nashville.

    The Citizen-Soldier

    John Beatty

  • It will also enable them to spare troops to reinforce Bragg.

    The Citizen-Soldier

    John Beatty

  • Johnson is said to have reinforced Bragg, and the enemy is supposed to be strong in our front.

    The Citizen-Soldier

    John Beatty

  • British Dictionary definitions for bragg Bragg noun

    1. Billy. born 1957, British rock singer and songwriter, noted for his political protest songs; recordings include Between the Wars (1985), Workers’ Playtime (1988), Mermaid Avenue (1998), and England, Half English (2002)
    2. Melvyn, Baron. born 1939, British novelist, broadcaster, and television executive; presenter of The South Bank Show since 1978
    3. Sir William Henry , 1862–1942, British physicist, who shared a Nobel prize for physics (1915) with his son, for their study of crystal structures by means of X-rays
    4. his son, Sir (William) Lawrence, 1890–1971, British physicist

    bragg in Science Bragg [brăg]Sir William Henry 1862-1942

    1. British physicist who invented the x-ray spectrometer, a device used to measure x-ray wavelengths. With his son, the physicist Sir William Lawrence Bragg (1890-1971), he developed the technique of x-ray crystallography, used to determine the atomic structure of crystals. Father and son were awarded a joint Nobel Prize for physics in 1915 for this work.

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