brain cell

brain cell

brain cell Examples noun Anatomy.

  1. a neuron in the brain.

Examples from the Web for brain cell Historical Examples of brain cell

  • Brain-cell discharges will hardly account for the phenomena of clairaudience.

    Second Sight


  • The top-heavy youth closed his magazine and unlocked a brain-cell.

    The Promise

    James B. Hendryx

  • A bone-cell cannot receive an impression, nor originate an idea, any more than a brain-cell can secrete bile.


    Gerald R. Leighton

  • It is worse than no use to think of what one is writing; that wakes one up, goads every brain-cell into unwholesome activity.

    Dangerous Ages

    Rose Macaulay

  • I use this word, not to be found in my dictionaries, as expressing the brain-cell power corresponding to electricity.

    Over the Teacups

    Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

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