brainstorm [breyn-stawrm] Word Origin noun

    1. a sudden impulse, idea, etc.
    2. a fit of mental confusion or excitement.
  1. brainstorming.


  1. of or relating to brainstorming.

verb (used without object)

  1. to conduct or practice brainstorming.

verb (used with object)

  1. to subject (a problem) to brainstorming.

Origin of brainstorm 1890–95; brain + storm; originally a severe mental disturbanceRelated formsbrain·storm·er, noun British Dictionary definitions for brainstormer brainstorm noun

  1. a severe outburst of excitement, often as the result of a transitory disturbance of cerebral activity
  2. British informal a sudden mental aberration
  3. informal another word for brainwave

Word Origin and History for brainstormer brainstorm n.

“brilliant idea, mental excitement, fit of mental application,” 1849, from brain (n.) + figurative use of storm (n.). As a verb, recorded from 1920s. Related: Brainstormed; brainstorming.

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