Bramah [bram-uh, brah-muh] Examples noun

  1. Joseph,1748–1814, English engineer and inventor.

Examples from the Web for bramah Historical Examples of bramah

  • Mr. Bramah was perhaps the first to recognize its value and importance.

    Scientific American Supplement, No. 417


  • Bramah, one of his horses, once gained the Grand Prix de Paris.

    A Zola Dictionary

    J. G. Patterson

  • Go you to Chestnut Street, and get two first-class Bramah locks.

    Put Yourself in His Place

    Charles Reade

  • It is not like shutters and Bramah locks: they are property.

    Put Yourself in His Place

    Charles Reade

  • There are other well-known locks, such as those invented by Bramah and Hobbs.

    How it Works

    Archibald Williams

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