branchial [brang-kee-uh l] ExamplesWord Origin adjective

  1. of or relating to gills or to the homologous, embryonic parts in animals without gills.

Origin of branchial First recorded in 1795–1805; branchi- + -al1 Related formshy·per·bran·chi·al, adjectivein·ter·bran·chi·al, adjectivepre·bran·chi·al, adjectivesub·bran·chi·al, adjective Examples from the Web for branchial Historical Examples of branchial

  • From the latter also the branchial cartilaginous bars are formed.

    The Origin of Vertebrates

    Walter Holbrook Gaskell

  • The branchial cavity can dilate and contract itself alternately.

    The Ocean World:

    Louis Figuier

  • The remains of only two branchial arches are found in the adult.

    The Vertebrate Skeleton

    Sidney H. Reynolds

  • Originally they are mainly concerned with branchial respiration.

    The Vertebrate Skeleton

    Sidney H. Reynolds

  • At such times the gills lose all semblance of branchial organs.

    The Sea-beach at Ebb-tide

    Augusta Foote Arnold

  • British Dictionary definitions for branchial branchial adjective

    1. of or relating to the gills of an aquatic animal, esp a fish
    2. of or relating to homologous structures in higher vertebratesbranchial cyst

    branchial in Medicine branchial [brăng′kē-əl] adj.

    1. Of, relating to, or resembling the gills of a fish, their homologous embryonic structures, or the derivatives of their homologous parts in higher animals.

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