1. Louis Vic·tor [French lwee veek-tawr] /French lwi vikˈtɔr/.1892–1987, French physicist: Nobel Prize 1929.


  1. See de Broglie (def. 1)


  1. Prince Louis Victor (lwi viktɔr). 1892–1987, French physicist, noted for his research in quantum mechanics and his development of wave mechanics: Nobel prize for physics 1929
  2. his brother, Maurice (mɔris), Duc de Broglie. 1875–1960, French physicist, noted for his research into X-ray spectra

  1. French physicist who, influenced by Albert Einstein’s concept that waves can behave as particles, proposed that the opposite was also true: that electrons, for example, can behave as waves. His work developed the study of wave mechanics, which was important in the development of quantum physics, and he was awarded the Nobel Prize for physics in 1929.

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