1. a belch; eructation.

verb (used without object)

  1. to belch; eruct.

verb (used with object)

  1. to cause (a baby) to belch by patting its back, especially to relieve flatulence after feeding.


  1. informal a belch


  1. (intr) informal to belch
  2. (tr) to cause (a baby) to burp to relieve flatulence after feeding

1932, noun and verb, American English, apparently imitative. The transitive sense of the verb is first recorded 1940. Related: Burped; burping. Burp gun attested from 1945.


  1. Noisy expulsion of gas from the stomach through the mouth.


  1. To expel gas from the stomach through the mouth.
  2. To cause a baby to expel gas from the stomach, as by patting the back after feeding.

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