1. Also called white walnut. the edible oily nut of an American tree, Juglans cinerea, of the walnut family.
  2. the tree itself.
  3. the light-brown wood of this tree, used for making furniture.
  4. the light-brown color resulting from a dye made from this tree.
  5. U.S. History. a Confederate soldier or partisan, especially one whose uniform was dyed with an extract from this tree.
  6. souari nut.


  1. a walnut tree, Juglans cinerea of E North AmericaCompare black walnut
  2. the oily edible egg-shaped nut of this tree
  3. the hard brownish-grey wood of this tree
  4. the bark of this tree or an extract from it, formerly used as a laxative
  5. a brownish colour or dye
  6. NZ short for butternut pumpkin

also butter-nut, 1753, nut of the white walnut, a North American tree; transferred to the tree itself from 1783. The nut’s color was a brownish-gray, hence the word was used (1861) to describe the warm gray color of the Southern army uniforms in the American Civil War.

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