< /ˈkæl əˌsiz, ˈkeɪ lə-/.

  1. Botany. the outermost group of floral parts; the sepals.
  2. Anatomy, Zoology. a cuplike part.

noun plural calyxes or calyces (ˈkælɪˌsiːz, ˈkeɪlɪ-)

  1. the sepals of a flower collectively, forming the outer floral envelope that protects the developing flower budCompare corolla
  2. any cup-shaped cavity or structure, esp any of the divisions of the human kidney (renal calyx) that form the renal pelvis

1680s, from Latin calyx, from Greek kalyx “seed pod, husk, outer covering” (of a fruit, flower bud, etc.), from root of kalyptein “to cover, conceal” (see cell). The proper plural is calyces. Some sources connect the word rather with Greek kylix “drinking cup.”


  1. Variant ofcalix

  1. The sepals of a flower considered as a group. The calyx is the outermost whorl of a flower. See more at sepal.

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