noun Also cannon ball.

  1. a missile, usually round and made of iron or steel, designed to be fired from a cannon.
  2. Tennis. a served ball that travels with great speed and describes little or no arc in flight.
  3. anything that moves with great speed, as an express train.


  1. made from a curled-up position with the arms pressing the knees against one’s chest: a cannonball dive.
  2. moving at great speed: a train known as a cannonball express.


  1. a projectile fired from a cannon: usually a solid round metal shot
  2. tennis
    1. a very fast low serve
    2. (as modifier)a cannonball serve
  3. a jump into water by a person who has his arms tucked into the body to form a ball

verb (intr)

  1. (often foll by along, etc) to rush along, like a cannonball
  2. to execute a cannonball jump


  1. very fast or powerful

also cannon ball, 1660s, from cannon (n.) + ball (n.1). As a type of dive, from 1905.

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