adjective, cat·ti·er, cat·ti·est.

  1. catlike; feline.
  2. slyly malicious; spiteful: a catty gossip.

adjective -tier or -tiest

  1. informal spitefula catty remark
  2. of or resembling a cat

noun plural -ties

  1. a unit of weight, used esp in E Asia, traditionally equal to about one and a half pounds but formalized as 0.5 kg in mainland China, 0.6 kg in Taiwan and Thailand, and about 0.605 kg in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore(Mandarin) Chinese name:: jin

1886, “devious and spiteful,” from cat (n.) + -y (2). Slightly earlier was cattish. Meaning “pertaining to cats” is from 1902. Related: Cattily; cattiness.

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