charles albert


  1. Charles the Victorious, 1403–61, king of France 1422–61 (son of Charles VI).
  2. Charles Albert, 1697–1745, elector of Bavaria 1726–45; emperor of the Holy Roman Empire 1742–45.


  1. 1798–1849, king of Sardinia-Piedmont (1831–49) during the Risorgimento: abdicated after the failure of his revolt against Austria


  1. 1403–61, king of France (1422–61), son of Charles VI. He was excluded from the French throne by the Treaty of Troyes, but following Joan of Arc’s victory over the English at Orléans (1429), was crowned
  2. 1697–1745, Holy Roman Emperor (1742–45) during the War of the Austrian Succession

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