charles chandler


  1. Charles Frederick,1836–1925, U.S. scientist, educator, and public-health expert.
  2. Raymond (Thornton),1888–1959, U.S. writer of detective novels.
  3. a town in central Arizona.


  1. a dealer in a specified trade or merchandisecorn chandler; ship’s chandler
  2. a person who makes or sells candles
  3. British obsolete a retailer of grocery provisions; shopkeeper


  1. Raymond (Thornton). 1888–1959, US thriller writer: created Philip Marlowe, one of the first detective heroes in fiction

“maker or seller of candles,” late 14c., attested as a surname from late 13c. (also, from early 14c. “candle-holder;” see chandelier), from Old French chandelier (n.2) “candle-maker, candle-seller; person in charge of lighting a household, monastery, etc.,” from Latin candelarius, from candela “candle” (see candle). Native candleman is attested from mid-13c.

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