charles ii


  1. Charles I(def 2).
  2. Charles the Fat, a.d. 809–888, king of France 884–887; as Charles III, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire 881–887.
  3. 1630–85, king of Great Britain 1660–85 (son of Charles I of England).
  4. 1661–1700, king of Spain 1665–1700.


  1. known as Charles the Bald. 823–877 ad, Holy Roman Emperor (875–877) and, as Charles I, king of France (843–877)
  2. the title as king of France of Charles III (Holy Roman Emperor)See Charles III (def. 1)
  3. 1630–85, king of England, Scotland, and Ireland (1660–85) following the Restoration (1660); son of Charles I. He did much to promote commerce, science, and the Navy, but his Roman Catholic sympathies caused widespread distrust
  4. 1661–1700, the last Hapsburg king of Spain: his reign saw the end of Spanish power in Europe

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