[ad_1] noun, plural chip·pies.
  1. Also chip·pie. Slang.
    1. a promiscuous woman.
    2. a prostitute.
  2. chipping sparrow.

noun, plural chip·pies.

  1. a chipmunk.

adjective, chip·pi·er, chip·pi·est.

  1. Ice Hockey. using or characterized by aggressive, rough play or commission of fouls: a chippy player; a chippy second period.
  2. Canadian. irritable; ill-tempered.

noun, plural chip·pies. British Informal.

  1. a carpenter.
  2. a store selling fish and chips.

noun plural -pies

  1. British informal a fish-and-chip shop
  2. British and NZ a slang word for carpenter
  3. NZ a potato crisp

adjective -pier or -piest

  1. informal resentful or oversensitive about being perceived as inferiora chippy miner’s son

noun plural -pies

  1. an informal name for chipmunk, chipping sparrow

noun plural -pies

  1. informal, mainly US and Canadian a promiscuous woman

adjective -pier or -piest

  1. belligerent or touchy

“promiscuous young woman; prostitute,” 1880, U.S. slang, earlier (1864) short for chipping-bird “sparrow,” perhaps ultimately a variant of cheep.


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