verb (used with object), chlo·ri·nat·ed, chlo·ri·nat·ing.

  1. Chemistry.
    1. to combine or treat with chlorine.
    2. to introduce chlorine atoms into an organic compound by an addition or substitution reaction.
  2. to disinfect (water) by means of chlorine.
  3. Metallurgy. to treat (a gold ore) with chlorine gas in order that the gold may be removed as a soluble chloride.

verb (tr)

  1. to combine or treat (a substance) with chlorine
  2. to disinfect (water) with chlorine

1854, noun of action from chlorinate (v.).


1836 (implied in chlorinated), from chlorine (n.) + -ate (2). Related: Chlorinating.


  1. To treat or combine with chlorine or a chlorine compound.

  1. To add chlorine or one of its compounds to a substance. Water and sewage are chlorinated to be disinfected, and paper pulp is chlorinated to be bleached.

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