chloropicrin [klawr-uh-pik-rin, -pahy-krin, klohr-] Word Origin noun Chemistry, Military.

  1. a colorless, somewhat oily, water-insoluble, poisonous liquid, CCl3NO2, that causes lachrymation and headache: used as an insecticide, a fungicide, in organic synthesis, and as a war gas.

Also chlorpicrin. Origin of chloropicrin First recorded in 1885–90; chloro-2 + picr(ic acid) + -in2 Also called nitrochloroform. British Dictionary definitions for chloropicrin chloropicrin chlorpicrin (klɔːˈpɪkrɪn) noun

  1. a colourless insoluble toxic lachrymatory liquid used as a pesticide and a tear gas; nitrotrichloromethane. Formula: CCl 3 NO 2

Word Origin for chloropicrin C20: from chloro- + picro- + -in

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