chocolate-box [chaw-kuh-lit-boks, chok-uh-, chawk-lit-, chok-] ExamplesWord Origin adjective

  1. excessively decorative and sentimental, as the pictures or designs on some boxes of chocolate candy; prettified: decorous, chocolate-box paintings of Victorian garden parties.

Origin of chocolate-box First recorded in 1900–05 Examples from the Web for chocolate-box Historical Examples of chocolate-box

  • Like that, like that, at any rate, she no longer looked like the picture on a chocolate-box.

    The Twilight of the Souls

    Louis Couperus

  • No, mark you, he’d take jolly good care that his sentimentality didn’t make him see her as a chocolate-box picture!

    The Twilight of the Souls

    Louis Couperus

  • My romance was not in the things of glitter and chocolate-box gaiety, but rather in the dolours and silences of the East.

    Nights in London

    Thomas Burke

  • Not strictly beautiful, perhaps; but then I don’t like the chocolate-box sort of woman.

    Plays: Lady Frederick, The Explorer, A Man of Honor

    William Somerset Maugham

  • British Dictionary definitions for chocolate-box chocolate-box noun

    1. (modifier) informal sentimentally pretty or appealing

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