chocolatier [chaw-kuh-luh-teer, chok-uh-luh-, chawk-luh-, chok-luh-; French shaw-kaw-la-tyey] ExamplesWord Origin noun, plural cho·co·la·tiers [chaw-kuh-luh-teerz, chok-uh-luh-, chawk-luh-, chok-luh-; French shaw-kaw-la-tyey] /ˌtʃɔ kə ləˈtɪərz, ˌtʃɒk ə lə-, ˌtʃɔk lə-, ˌtʃɒk lə-; French ʃɔ kɔ laˈtyeɪ/.

  1. a person or firm that makes and sells chocolate candy.

Origin of chocolatier From French; see origin at chocolate, -ier2 Examples from the Web for chocolatier Contemporary Examples of chocolatier

  • Jacques is the only New York City chocolatier who creates not only his own candy, but his own chocolate from the beans.

    Fresh Picks

    Jacques Torres

    February 9, 2010

  • Sir George Adrian Hayhurst Cadbury, CEO and chairman of the chocolatier, agreed to chair it.

    How Boards Are Destroying Corporations

    David Zweig, John Gillespie

    January 13, 2010

  • British Dictionary definitions for chocolatier chocolatier noun

    1. a person or company that makes or sells chocolate

    Word Origin for chocolatier French

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