chokecherry [chohk-cher-ee] ExamplesWord Origin noun, plural choke·cher·ries. Chiefly Northern U.S.

  1. any of several cherries, especially Prunus virginiana, of North America, that bear an astringent fruit.
  2. the fruit itself.

Origin of chokecherry An Americanism dating back to 1775–85; choke + cherry Examples from the Web for chokecherry Historical Examples of chokecherry

  • There are two species of gooseberry here, but neither of them yet ripe: nor are the chokecherry, though in great quantities.

    History of the Expedition under the Command of Captains Lewis and Clark, Vol. I.

    Meriwether Lewis and William Clark

  • The wild black cherry is the most noxious species, and the chokecherry is not far behind it.

    Appletons’ Popular Science Monthly, June 1899


  • When Thea first came, the chokecherry bushes were in blossom, and the scent of them was almost sickeningly sweet after a shower.

    Song of the Lark

    Willa Cather

  • It tore aspens and chokecherry bushes out of the ground and left the yuccas hanging by their tough roots.

    Song of the Lark

    Willa Cather

  • Opposite the schoolhouse was a little copse of chokecherry bushes, and we stepped in among them to watch.

    A Busy Year at the Old Squire’s

    Charles Asbury Stephens

  • British Dictionary definitions for chokecherry chokecherry noun plural -ries

    1. any of several North American species of cherry, esp Prunus virginiana, having very astringent dark red or black fruit
    2. the fruit of any of these trees

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