choriamb [kawr-ee-amb, -am, kohr-] Word Origin noun Prosody.

  1. a foot of four syllables, two short between two long or two unstressed between two stressed.

Origin of choriamb First recorded in 1835–45; short for choriambus Related formscho·ri·am·bic, adjective British Dictionary definitions for choriamb choriamb choriambus (ˌkɒrɪˈæmbəs) noun plural -ambs or -ambi (-ˈæmbaɪ)

  1. prosody a metrical foot used in classical verse consisting of four syllables, two short ones between two long ones (– ◡ ◡ –)

Derived Formschoriambic, adjectiveWord Origin for choriamb C19: from Late Latin choriambus, from Greek khoriambos, from khoreios trochee, of a chorus, from khoros chorus

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