Christian name

Christian name

Christian name ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. Also called baptismal name. the name given one at baptism, as distinguished from the family name.
  2. a person’s first or given name.

Origin of Christian name First recorded in 1540–50 Related Words for christian name forename Examples from the Web for christian name Historical Examples of christian name

  • They had been on Christian-name terms since they were children.

    Royal Highness

    Thomas Mann

  • They were on Christian-name terms, or had been a few years ago.

    The Card, A Story Of Adventure In The Five Towns

    Arnold Bennett

  • What are you waiting for, Mr. Robber, Thief, or whatever your Christian-name may be?

    Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, No. XXVII, August 1852, Vol. V


  • My husband wanted to give me a pleasant surprise, for the name of this estate is identical with my Christian-name.

    Dame Care

    Hermann Sudermann

  • I was a foundling child, picked up somewhere or another, and I always understood my christian-name to be Gill.

    The Perils of Certain English Prisoners

    Charles Dickens

  • British Dictionary definitions for christian name Christian name noun

    1. a personal name formally given to Christians at christening

    usage This word was often loosely used to mean any person’s first name as distinct from his or her surname. Nowadays, especially in official documents, alternatives which do not refer to a particular faith, and are therefore more inclusive, are often used: first name, forename and given name

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