Christmas box

Christmas box

Christmas box noun

  1. a tip or present given at Christmas, esp to postmen, tradesmen, etc

Examples from the Web for christmas box Historical Examples of christmas box

  • The little present, or the Christmas-box (mi Aguinaldo) is of no mean worth.

    The Philippine Islands

    John Foreman

  • You might have thought she was looking forward to a Christmas-box from home.

    IT and Other Stories

    Gouverneur Morris

  • How can I be like a dustman that rings for a Christmas-box at your hall-door?

    The Christmas Books

    William Makepeace Thackeray

  • Didn’t your grandmother give you a sovereign as a Christmas-box?

    Vice Versa

    F. Anstey

  • By-the-by, Smith, can you lend me that sovereign I gave you this morning for a Christmas-box?!

    Mr. Punch on the Warpath


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