chrysalid [kris-uh-lid]Entomology ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. a chrysalis.


  1. of a chrysalis.

Origin of chrysalid 1770–80; representing stem of Greek chrȳsallís chrysalis Examples from the Web for chrysalid Historical Examples of chrysalid

  • The chrysalid children are clamoring, clamoring always for their birth: a wide melody unheard.

    I, Mary MacLane

    Mary MacLane

  • “A chrysalid,” Stryker said, bending to gauge the damage Farrell’s heavy boot had done.

    Pet Farm

    Roger Dee

  • He stood up and ended the chrysalid’s strugglings with a bolt from his heat-gun before extending a hand to help Farrell up.

    Pet Farm

    Roger Dee

  • Wachique was set in front of her, to receive tante-gra’mère when the potentate’s chrysalid should be lowered.

    Old Kaskaskia

    Mary Hartwell Catherwood

  • British Dictionary definitions for chrysalid chrysalid noun

    1. another name for chrysalis

    adjective Also: chrysalidal (krɪˈsælɪdəl)

    1. of or relating to a chrysalis

    Word Origin and History for chrysalid adj.

    “pertaining to a chrysalis,” c.1810, see chrysalis. As a noun variant of chrysalis, 1620s, perhaps from Middle French chrysalide.

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