chuck 1[chuhk] SynonymsWord Origin verb (used with object)

  1. to toss; throw with a quick motion, usually a short distance.
  2. Informal. to resign from; relinquish; give up: He’s chucked his job.
  3. to pat or tap lightly, as under the chin.
  4. Informal. to eject (a person) from a public place (often followed by out): They chucked him from the bar.
  5. Slang. to vomit; upchuck.


  1. a light pat or tap, as under the chin.
  2. a toss or pitch; a short throw.
  3. a sudden jerk or change in direction.


  1. chuck it, British Slang. stop it; shut up.

Origin of chuck 1First recorded in 1575–85; origin uncertainSynonyms for chuck 1. fling, pitch, heave, hurl. British Dictionary definitions for chuck out chuck out verb

  1. (tr, adverb often foll by of) informal to eject forcibly (from); throw out (of)he was chucked out of the lobby

chuck 1 verb (mainly tr)

  1. informal to throw
  2. to pat affectionately, esp under the chin
  3. (sometimes foll by in or up) informal to give up; rejecthe chucked up his job; she chucked her boyfriend
  4. (intr usually foll by up) slang, mainly US to vomit
  5. chuck off at Australian and NZ informal to abuse or make fun of


  1. a throw or toss
  2. a playful pat under the chin
  3. the chuck informal dismissal

See also chuck in, chuck out Word Origin for chuck C16: of unknown origin chuck 2 noun

  1. Also called: chuck steak a cut of beef extending from the neck to the shoulder blade
    1. Also called: three jaw chucka device that holds a workpiece in a lathe or tool in a drill, having a number of adjustable jaws geared to move in unison to centralize the workpiece or tool
    2. Also called: four jaw chuck, independent jaw chucka similar device having independently adjustable jaws for holding an unsymmetrical workpiece

Word Origin for chuck C17: variant of chock chuck 3 verb

  1. (intr) a less common word for cluck (def. 2)


  1. a clucking sound
  2. a term of endearment

Word Origin for chuck C14 chukken to cluck, of imitative origin chuck 4 noun Canadian West coast

  1. a large body of water
  2. short for saltchuck

Word Origin for chuck C19: from Chinook Jargon, from Nootka chauk Word Origin and History for chuck out chuck v.1

“to throw,” 1590s, variant of chock “give a blow under the chin” (1580s), possibly from French choquer “to shock, strike against,” imitative (see shock (n.1)). Related: Chucked; chucking.

chuck n.1

“piece of wood or meat,” 1670s, probably a variant of chock (n.) “block.” “Chock and chuck appear to have been originally variants of the same word, which are now somewhat differentiated.” Specifically of shoulder meat from early 18c. American English chuck wagon (1880) is from the meat sense.

chuck n.2

“slight blow under the chin,” 1610s, from chuck (v.1). Meaning “a toss, a throw” is from 1862. Related: Chucked; chucking.

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