Chuckchi [choo k-chee] noun, plural Chuck·chis, (especially collectively) Chuck·chi.

  1. Chukchi.

Chukchi or Chuch·chi, Chuck·chi, Chuk·chee [choo k-chee] noun, plural Chuk·chis, (especially collectively) Chuk·chi for 1.

  1. a member of a Paleo-Asiatic people of northeastern Siberia.
  2. the Chukotian language of the Chukchi people, noted for having different pronunciations for men and women.

British Dictionary definitions for chuckchi Chukchi Chukchee noun

  1. plural -chi, -chis, -chee or -chees a member of a people of the Chukchi Peninsula
  2. the language of this people, related only to some of the smaller aboriginal languages of Siberia

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