chucklehead [chuhk-uh l-hed] ExamplesWord Origin noun Slang.

  1. a stupid person; blockhead.

Origin of chucklehead 1725–35; chuckle clumsy (chuck2 + -le) + head Related formschuck·le·head·ed, adjective Examples from the Web for chucklehead Historical Examples of chucklehead

  • If they had scolded him for bad judgment, called him a chucklehead, or even ignored him, it would have been all right.

    The Electronic Mind Reader

    John Blaine

  • Chucklehead and six other Indians were killed; several of the whites were severely wounded.

    The Quarterly of the Oregon Historical Society, Vol. IV


  • British Dictionary definitions for chucklehead chucklehead noun

    1. informal a stupid person; blockhead; dolt

    Derived Formschuckleheaded, adjectivechuckleheadedness, noun Word Origin and History for chucklehead n.

    also chuckle-head, “blockhead, dolt,” (18c.), with head (n.), the first element perhaps from chuck (n.1).

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