chuddar or chud·der [chuhd-er] noun

  1. chador.

chador or chad·ar, chad·dar, chud·dar [chuhd-er] noun

  1. the traditional garment of Muslim and Hindu women, consisting of a long, usually black or drab-colored cloth or veil that envelops the body from head to foot and covers all or part of the face.

Origin of chador 1605–15; Hindi Persian chaddar, chādur veil, sheet British Dictionary definitions for chuddar chuddar chudder, chuddah or chador noun

  1. a large shawl or veil worn by Muslim or Hindu women that covers them from head to foot

Word Origin for chuddar from Hindi caddar, from Persian chaddar chador noun

  1. a variant spelling of chuddar

Word Origin and History for chuddar chador n.

“cloth worn as a shawl by Muslim women,” from Persian chadar “tent, mantle, scarf, veil, sheet, table-cloth.”

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