churr [chur] Examples verb (used without object), noun

  1. chirr.

chirr or chirre, churr [chur] verb (used without object)

  1. to make a characteristic shrill, trilling sound, as a grasshopper.


  1. the sound of chirring.

Origin of chirr First recorded in 1590–1600; alteration of chirp Examples from the Web for churring Historical Examples of churring

  • A night-jar was spinning; the churring sound affected him oddly.

    Saint’s Progress

    John Galsworthy

  • And out of the distance the nightjar set again to its churring.

    Memoirs of a Midget

    Walter de la Mare

  • Here churning is a mistake; we are sorry to begin with an animadversion, but the word should be churring.

    Society for Pure English, Tract 5

    Society for Pure English

  • The churring of the night-hawks was continuous, soothing as the hum of a spinning-wheel.

    The History of Sir Richard Calmady

    Lucas Malet

  • British Dictionary definitions for churring churr verb, noun

    1. a variant spelling of chirr

    chirr chirre or churr verb

    1. (intr) (esp of certain insects, such as crickets) to make a shrill trilled sound


    1. the sound of chirring

    Word Origin for chirr C17: of imitative origin Word Origin and History for churring chirr v.

    c.1600, echoic of a grasshopper’s trill. Related: Chirred; chirring.

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