chute-the-chute or chute-the-chutes [shoot-th uh-shoot, shoot-uh-shoot] Word Origin noun

  1. a ride or coaster, as at an amusement park or carnival, that provides thrills or excitement by moving passengers down steep dips and around sharp curves, especially one having a track that ends in water.Compare roller coaster.
  2. a steep or curving slide used for purposes of amusement.
  3. any ride, motion, or experience that produces a sensation of rapid or curving descent: an emotional chute-the-chute.

Origin of chute-the-chute 1890–95, Americanism; see chute1 chute the chute or chute the chutes, shoot the chutes verb (used without object)

  1. to ride or slide on, or as if on, a chute-the-chute.

Origin of chute the chute An Americanism dating back to 1905–10

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