chyack [chahy-uh k] Examples verb (used with object) Australian.

  1. chiack.

chiack or chy·ack [chahy-uh k] verb (used with object) Australian.

  1. to jeer at; tease; deride.

Origin of chiack First recorded in 1870–75; probably alteration of cheek Examples from the Web for chyack Historical Examples of chyack

  • Romany was a quiet chap after all, and the chaps had no right to chyack him.

    Joe Wilson and His Mates

    Henry Lawson

  • British Dictionary definitions for chyack chyack verb

    1. a variant spelling of chiack

    chiack chyack Australian informal verb (tr)

    1. to tease or banter


    1. good-humoured banter

    Word Origin for chiack C19: from chi-hike, a shout or greeting

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