1. Alvan,1804–87, and his son Alvan Graham, 1832–97, U.S. astronomers and telescope-lens manufacturers.
  2. Champ [champ] /tʃæmp/, James Beauchamp, 1850–1921, U.S. political leader: Speaker of the House 1911–19.
  3. (Charles) JosephJoe, born 1939, Canadian political leader: prime minister 1979–80.
  4. George Rogers,1752–1818, U.S. soldier.
  5. John Bates [beyts] /beɪts/, 1847–1938, U.S. economist and educator.
  6. Kenneth B(ancroft),1914–2005, U.S. psychologist and educator, born in the Panama Canal Zone.
  7. Sir Kenneth McKenzie, Baron Clark of Salt·wood [sawlt-woo d] /ˈsɔltˌwʊd/, 1903–83, English art historian.
  8. Mark Wayne,1896–1984, U.S. general.
  9. Thomas CampbellTom, 1899–1977, associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court 1949–67.
  10. Walter Van Til·burg [van til-berg] /væn ˈtɪl bərg/, 1909–71, U.S. author.
  11. William,1770–1838, U.S. soldier and explorer (brother of George R. Clark): on expedition with Meriwether Lewis 1804–06.
  12. a male given name: a surname, ultimately derived from clerk.


  1. Helen. born 1950, New Zealand Labour politician; prime minister (1999–2008); administrator of the United Nations Development Programme from 2009
  2. James, known as Jim. 1936–68, Scottish racing driver; World Champion (1963, 1965)
  3. Kenneth, Baron Clark of Saltwood. 1903–83, English art historian: his books include Civilization (1969), which he first presented as a television series
  4. William. 1770–1838, US explorer and frontiersman: best known for his expedition to the Pacific Northwest (1804–06) with Meriwether Lewis

surname, from common Middle English alternative spelling of clerk (n.). In many early cases it is used of men who had taken minor orders.

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