verb (used without object), dan·gled, dan·gling.

  1. to hang loosely, especially with a jerking or swaying motion: The rope dangled in the breeze.
  2. to hang around or follow a person, as if seeking favor or attention.
  3. Grammar. to occur as a modifier without a head or as a participle without an implied subject, as leaving the tunnel in The daylight was blinding, leaving the tunnel.

verb (used with object), dan·gled, dan·gling.

  1. to cause to dangle; hold or carry swaying loosely.
  2. to offer as an inducement.


  1. the act of dangling.
  2. something that dangles.

  1. keep someone dangling, to keep someone in a state of uncertainty.


  1. to hang or cause to hang freelyhis legs dangled over the wall
  2. (tr) to display as an enticementthe hope of a legacy was dangled before her


  1. the act of dangling or something that dangles

1590s, probably from Scandinavian (cf. Danish dangle, Swedish dangla “to swing about,” Norwegian dangla), perhaps via North Frisian dangeln. Related: Dangled; dangling.

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