noun, plural de·lin·quen·cies.

  1. failure in or neglect of duty or obligation; dereliction; default: delinquency in payment of dues.
  2. wrongful, illegal, or antisocial behavior.Compare juvenile delinquency.
  3. any misdeed, offense, or misdemeanor.
  4. something, as a debt, that is past due or otherwise delinquent.

noun plural -cies

  1. an offence or misdeed, usually of a minor nature, esp one committed by a young personSee juvenile delinquency
  2. failure or negligence in duty or obligation; dereliction
  3. a delinquent nature or delinquent behaviour

1630s, from Latin delinquentia “fault, crime, delinquency,” from delinquentem (see delinquent).

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