verb (used with object), po·lit·i·cized, po·lit·i·ciz·ing.

  1. to bring a political character or flavor to; make political: to politicize a private dispute.

verb (used without object), po·lit·i·cized, po·lit·i·ciz·ing.

  1. to engage in or discuss politics.


  1. (tr) to deprive of a political nature; render apoliticaltwo years on the committee totally depoliticized him


  1. (tr) to render political in tone, interest, or awareness
  2. (intr) to participate in political discussion or activity

1928, from de- + politicize. Related: Depoliticized; depoliticizing.


1758, “take up politics,” from politics + -ize. Meaning “to render political” is from 1846. Related: Politicized; politicizing. Earlier was politize (late 16c.), but this was rare.

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