noun, plural dick·eys.

  1. an article of clothing made to look like the front or collar of a shirt, blouse, vest, etc., worn as a separate piece under another garment, as a jacket or dress.Compare vest(def 2), vestee.
  2. a detachable linen shirt collar.
  3. a bib or pinafore worn by a child.
  4. a small bird.
  5. a donkey, especially a male.
  6. an outside seat on a carriage.
  7. British. rumble seat(def 1).

adjective Chiefly British Slang.

  1. not working properly; faulty: I’m fed up with this dickey air conditioner.


  1. James,1923–97, U.S. poet and novelist.
  2. WilliamBill, 1907–93, U.S. baseball player.

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