noun, plural dis·cus·es, dis·ci [dis-ahy] /ˈdɪs aɪ/.

  1. a circular disk more than 7 inches (18 cm) in diameter and 2.2 pounds (1 kg) in weight, usually wooden with a metal rim and thicker in the center than at the edge, for throwing for distance in athletic competition.
  2. the sport of throwing this disk for distance.

noun plural discuses or disci (ˈdɪskaɪ)

  1. (originally) a circular stone or plate used in throwing competitions by the ancient Greeks
  2. athletics
    1. a similar disc-shaped object with a heavy middle thrown by athletes
    2. (as modifier)a discus thrower
  3. the discus the event or sport of throwing the discus
  4. a South American cichlid fish, Symphysodon discus, that has a compressed coloured body and is a popular aquarium fish

1650s, from Latin discus “discus, disk,” from Greek diskos “disk, quoit, platter.”

n. pl. dis•ci (dĭskī′, dĭsī′)

  1. A flat circular surface; a disk.

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