1. an act or instance of dislocating.
  2. the state of being dislocated.
  3. Crystallography. (in a crystal lattice) a line about which there is a discontinuity in the lattice structure.Compare defect(def 3).


  1. the act of displacing or the state of being displaced; disruption
  2. (esp of the bones in a joint) the state or condition of being dislocated
  3. a line, plane, or region in which there is a discontinuity in the regularity of a crystal lattice
  4. geology a less common word for fault (def. 6)

c.1400, originally of bones, from Old French dislocacion (14c.), or directly from Medieval Latin dislocationem (nominative dislocatio), noun of action from past participle stem of dislocare (see dislocate). General sense is from c.1600.


  1. Displacement of a body part, especially the temporary displacement of a bone from its normal position; luxation.

  1. Displacement of a bone from its normal position, especially at a joint.
  2. Geology See displacement.
  3. An imperfection in the crystal structure of a metal or other solid resulting from an absence of an atom or atoms in one or more layers of a crystal.

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