1. an act or instance of disposing; arrangement: the disposal of the troops.
  2. a disposing of or getting rid of something: the disposal of waste material.
  3. a disposing or allotting of, as by gift or sale; bestowal or assignment: She left no will to indicate the disposal of her possessions.
  4. power or right to dispose of a thing; control: left at his disposal.


  1. an electrical device in the drain of a sink, for grinding up garbage to be washed down the drain.


  1. the act or means of getting rid of something
  2. placement or arrangement in a particular order
  3. a specific method of tending to matters, as in business
  4. the act or process of transferring something to or providing something for another
  5. the power or opportunity to make use of someone or something (esp in the phrase at one’s disposal)
  6. a means of destroying waste products, as by grinding into particles

1620s, “power to make use of;” see dispose + -al (2); of waste material, from c.1960, originally in medical use.

see put at someone’s disposal.

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