1. a person or thing that divides.
  2. dividers, a pair of compasses, as used for dividing lines, measuring, etc.
  3. a partition between two areas or dividing one area into two, as a piece of cardboard in a box or a bookcase jutting out from a wall.
  4. room divider.
  5. Mining. bunton.

pl n

  1. a type of compass with two pointed arms, used for measuring lines or dividing them


  1. Also called: room divider a screen or piece of furniture placed so as to divide a room into separate areas
  2. a person or thing that divides
  3. electronics an electrical circuit with an output that is a well-defined fraction of the given inputa voltage divider

1520s, agent noun from divide (v.). Meaning “partition or screen,” especially in a room, is from 1959.

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