noun, plural di·vin·i·ties.

  1. the quality of being divine; divine nature.
  2. deity; godhood.
  3. a divine being; God.
  4. the Divinity, (sometimes lowercase) the Deity.
  5. a being having divine attributes, ranking below God but above humans: minor divinities.
  6. the study or science of divine things; theology.
  7. godlike character; supreme excellence.
  8. Also called divinity fudge. a fluffy white or artificially tinted fudge made usually of sugar, corn syrup, egg whites, and flavoring, often with nuts.

noun plural -ties

  1. the nature of a deity or the state of being divine
  2. a god or other divine being
  3. the divinity (often capital) another term for God
  4. another word for theology

c.1300, “science of divine things;” late 14c., “quality of being divine,” also “a divine being,” from Old French devinité (12c.), from Latin divinitatem (nominative divinitas), from divinus (see divine (adj.)).

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