done in

done in


  1. past participle of do1.
  2. Nonstandard. a simple past tense of do1.

auxiliary verb

  1. South Midland and Southern U.S. Nonstandard. (used with a principal verb in the past or, sometimes, present tense to indicate completed action): I done told you so. He done eat his lunch.


  1. completed; finished; through: Our work is done.
  2. cooked sufficiently.
  3. worn out; exhausted; used up.
  4. in conformity with fashion, good taste, or propriety; acceptable: It isn’t done.
  1. be/have done with, to break off relations or connections with; stop.
  2. done for, Informal.
    1. tired; exhausted.
    2. deprived of one’s means, position, etc.
    3. dead or close to death.
  3. done in, Informal. very tired; exhausted: He was really done in after a close race.


  1. the past participle of do 1
  2. be done with or have done with to end relations with
  3. have done to be completely finishedhave you done?
  4. that’s done it
    1. an exclamation of frustration when something is ruined
    2. an exclamation when something is completed


  1. an expression of agreement, as on the settlement of a bargain between two parties


  1. completed; finished
  2. cooked enoughdone to a turn
  3. used upthey had to surrender when the ammunition was done
  4. socially proper or acceptablethat isn’t done in higher circles
  5. informal cheated; tricked
  6. done for informal
    1. dead or almost dead
    2. in serious difficulty
  7. done in or done up informal physically exhausted

past participle of do; from Old English past participle gedon (a vestige of the prefix is in ado). U.S. Southern use of done in phrases like “he done gone to the store” is attested from 1827, according to OED: “a perfective auxiliary or with adverbial force in the sense ‘already; completely.’ ” Meaning “finished” is early 15c. Slang done for “doomed” is from 1842.

Exhausted, very tired, as in After that hike I felt absolutely done in. [Colloquial; early 1900s] Also see done for, def. 1.

In addition to the idioms beginning with done

  • done deal
  • done for
  • done in
  • done to a T

also see:

  • easier said than done
  • good as done
  • have done (with)
  • no sooner said (than done)
  • not done
  • over and done with
  • seen one, seen them all (been there, done that)
  • what’s done is done
  • when all’s said and done

Also see underdo.

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