door to door

door to door


  1. calling, selling, canvassing, etc., at each house or apartment in an area, town, or the like: a door-to-door poll.
  2. sent direct from the point of pickup to the point of delivery, as a shipment or order of merchandise.
  3. covering the complete route of a door-to-door shipment, delivery, etc.: door-to-door carrying charges; door-to-door insurance.


  1. in a door-to-door manner.

adjective, adverb (door-to-door when prenominal)

  1. (of selling, canvassing, etc) from one house to the next
  2. (of journeys, deliveries, etc) direct

Calling at each house, apartment, store, etc. in an area, in order to deliver, sell, or ask for something. For example, We were asked to go door to door to collect enough signatures. [c. 1900]


Sent from a place of origin or pickup to a place of delivery. For example, They quoted me a price for door to door, as well as a lower one if I would pick up the goods myself. This usage is nearly always applied to a shipment of merchandise.

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