dos-à-dos [doh-see-doh, -zi- for 1, 2; French doh-za-doh for 3] Word Origin noun, plural dos-à-dos [doh-see-dohz, -zi-] /ˈdoʊ siˈdoʊz, -zɪ-/.

  1. do-si-do.

verb (used with or without object), dos-à-dosed [doh-see-dohd] /ˈdoʊ siˈdoʊd/, dos-à-dos·ing [doh-see-doh-ing] /ˈdoʊ siˈdoʊ ɪŋ/.

  1. to do-si-do.


  1. Archaic. back to back.

Origin of dos-à-dos 1830–40; French: back to back British Dictionary definitions for dos-a-dos dos-à-dos noun

  1. a seat on which the users sit back to back
  2. an alternative spelling of do-si-do

Word Origin for dos-à-dos literally: back to back

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