dossier [dos-ee-ey, -ee-er, daw-see-ey, -see-er; French daw-syey] SynonymsExamplesWord Origin See more synonyms for dossier on noun, plural dos·si·ers [dos-ee-eyz, -ee-erz, daw-see-eyz, -see-ers; French daw-syey] /ˈdɒs iˌeɪz, -i ərz, ˈdɔ siˌeɪz, -si ərs; French dɔˈsyeɪ/.

  1. a collection or file of documents on the same subject, especially a complete file containing detailed information about a person or topic.

Origin of dossier 1875–80; French: bundle of documents with a label attached to the back or spine, equivalent to dos (Latin dorsum) back + -ier -ier2 Synonyms for dossier See more synonyms for on record, report, folder. Related Words for dossier summary, profile, information, record, archives, report, portfolio Examples from the Web for dossier Contemporary Examples of dossier

  • And yet, a dossier of allegations involving human rights could not help any cardinal at a moment like that.

    How Pope Francis Became the World’s BFF

    Jason Berry

    December 21, 2014

  • Last year, the Home Office said the dossier had mysteriously disappeared from the archives.

    Victim: I Watched British MPs Rape and Murder Young Boys

    Nico Hines

    December 18, 2014

  • Recently, when whistleblowers finally surfaced, the Home Office officials could find no trace of the dossier.

    The Castration of Alan Turing, Britain’s Code-Breaking WWII Hero

    Clive Irving

    November 29, 2014

  • “What the dossier claims is staggering,” Michele De Luca, director of the Centre for Regenerative Medicine, told Science Insider.

    ‘Hero’ Doc Accused of Harvesting Stem Cells in Dirty Basements

    Barbie Latza Nadeau

    April 29, 2014

  • Benedict reportedly locked up the dossier in the papal apartments for the next pope to deal with.

    Is Pope Francis Going After the Vatican’s ‘Gay Lobby’?

    Barbie Latza Nadeau

    June 12, 2013

  • Historical Examples of dossier

  • I’ve studied his dossier, and he’s not the kind of man to switch loyalties that easily.


    Poul William Anderson

  • I suspect that my dossier must have been interesting reading!


    Charles Godfrey Leland

  • Yes, it had been mentioned in a dossier from the Ministry of Justice.

    Aladdin of London

    Sir Max Pemberton

  • When he had found ink and paper he began the interrogation which should help his dossier.

    Aladdin of London

    Sir Max Pemberton

  • “Quite,” said Mears; and he laid the Fentiman dossier on the table.

    Mrs. Thompson

    William Babington Maxwell

  • British Dictionary definitions for dossier dossier noun

    1. a collection of papers containing information on a particular subject or person

    Word Origin for dossier C19: from French: a file with a label on the back, from dos back, from Latin dorsum Word Origin and History for dossier n.

    1880, from French dossier “bundle of papers,” from dos “back” (12c.), from Vulgar Latin dossum, variant of Latin dorsum “back” (see dorsal). Supposedly so called because the bundle bore a label on the back, or possibly from resemblance of the bulge in a mass of bundled papers to the curve of a back. Old French dossiere meant “back-strap, ridge strap (of a horse’s harness).”

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