double-barrelled US double-barreled adjective

  1. (of a gun) having two barrels
  2. extremely forceful or vehement
  3. British (of a surname) having hyphenated parts
  4. serving two purposes; ambiguousa double-barrelled remark

Examples from the Web for double-barrelled Historical Examples of double-barrelled

  • After the first double-barrelled “bo’ jou’, bo’ jou’,” they paid no further attention to me.

    The Forest

    Stewart Edward White

  • Every boy of them wished he were in there with a double-barrelled gun or something.

    Harper’s Young People, October 19, 1880


  • The captain also examined the state of his double-barrelled pistols.

    Byeways in Palestine

    James Finn

  • I was armed with my double-barrelled shotgun loaded with buckshot.

    The Land of the Long Night

    Paul du Chaillu

  • So your business is to take a double-barrelled gun and ascend to the roof.

    Debts of Honor

    Maurus Jkai

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